Portfolio Task 3- Creative Writing Guidance

Please find some helpful hints from this weeks lesson below. These resources, whiteboard photos and exemplars should help you craft your piece of writing for your last portfolio task.

Remember to revisit the task outline to keep yourself on track!

Over the week, we have looked at how to increase (and use effectively) the following things in our writing:


  • Prepositions: words that give meaning to a direction, time or space. They develop the “3D” feeling of being in a scene.
  • Personification: Assigning human traits to non-human objects. Gives a feeling of the scene being alive, having a tone or mood of its own.
  • Connotative Language: Words that have a secondary meaning, an association. They are positive or negative. The connotations that are conveyed with a word develop a mood or tone, often subconsciously, for the reader of a text.

Download (DOCX, 60KB)

Preposition List


When we looked at the exemplars, we noticed a common structure is used. Below is that structure along with some of the ideas you came up with when we brainstormed what we could write about.

  • Opening paragraphs frequently used personification and listing to establish the scene. There were a lot of longer, more complex sentences to give depth.
  • The second paragraph all opened with a sense i.e. listen, look.
  • The third paragraph gave information on a time- season, time of day. Often it indicated a change to give a new platform to explore the scene from.
  • Paragraph four opened with another sense.
  • The final paragraphs all opened with the phrase “And you…”. They seemed to be the place where the meaning of the scene was revealed.

Ideas of settings to springboard from:

  • An extension of a scene from the book or film.
  • A sporting moment
  • War scene
  • Court room
  • Prison Cell
  • School yard
  • A bedroom where someone has cheated on someone else.
  • A car crash scene


Finally, if you want to self-check your work, the website below is very useful!

Study It- Level 2 Creative Writing

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