Some interesting reading…

It could be an interesting process to have a look at some of these stories and see what, if any, parallels you can draw to Amir and his journey to find redemption. I think one

Writing Portfolio NCEA Task Outline

This is the overall task for the writing portfolio this year. Each piece of your writing will examine guilt/redemption in some form. This is your guide to what is assessed, what you should check during

Writing Portfolio Assessment Task 1

Attached is the analytical essay you will work on, in the context of The Kite Runner. This essay will be graded and go into your writing portfolio. In order to achieve a sophisticated, critical essay,

The easy way to write a thesis statement…

If you are really stuck about the thesis statement for your essay, take a look at this very basic, easy to understand guide of how you can get your argument across.

Need a hand to get your ideas started?

These are some sentence starters that can help you get your ideas on paper. Remember, these are just a guide, you need to make them your own!! The idea is that these sentence starters will

Quote Analysis- Class Group Task

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