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Close Viewing Analysis Exemplars

These are the NCEA exemplars for the Level 2 close viewing assessment. The main body paragraphs are the style we are writing in for our next portfolio piece. Use these as a guide only for

The Shawshank Redemption Guiding Questions

If you think you need some help getting your head around the key aspects of the film, construct some answers to the questions in the handout below. Treat them like essay style paragraphs for extra

Interesting TedTalks around the justice system…

Take a look at these, they might help you develop your ideas around the treatment of convicts and think about what freedom means.

2.4 Assessment Task 2- Close Viewing Analysis

Below you will find the task outline for your second portfolio piece. Please read it carefully and then come to me with any questions that you have.   Remember, there are a lot of videos,

Some extra reading for those wanting to extend our discussions…

I have attached some critical analysis and reviews on The Shawshank Redemption that I have read and found interesting. For some of you, these might help bring the ideas we have discussed in class into

A glossary of film terms and techniques.

You may find the following glossary useful if you struggle to get your head around film terms and techniques. In light of our next class task, this could be your saving grace… Hint, hint.

A helpful analysis…

While you were building your lessons for this week, I read an interesting analysis of The Shawshank Redemption. It explores the ideas we have discussed in class and provides a lot of external quotes from

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