Using Logical Fallacies- Friday 11th August Period 2

The aim of this lesson is to develop our understanding around logical fallacy and how different types can be used to persuade an audience. It is also important that we begin to learn how to recognize these in order to avoid being sucked into illogical arguments.

Logical fallacies are not just used in persuasive speaking.  You are confronted by them every day. As you scroll through your Facebook feed or Instagram stream, you are bombarded with false news headlines, advertising and videos of events from around the world. How do you know you aren’t being conned into thinking a certain way when you see all of this?


Today, you will: 

  • Be randomly given one of the 7 logical fallacies we discussed yesterday.
  • Construct a short argument using this fallacy on one of the controversial topics listed below.
  • Deliver your argument to the class. While the arguments are delivered, the rest of the class will be working to identify what your given fallacy is. Be mindful not to give this away to those around you!

Controversial topics: 

  • Men’s sport should be given more air time than women’s sport.
  • Animals should be used to test products before they are given the green light for human consumption.
  • There should be no compulsory NCEA subjects.
  • Performance enhancing drugs should be allowed in sport.
  • Students should only attend single sex schools.

Posted by Renee Plunkett

Teacher of English at Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka, New Zealand.

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