The Shawshank Redemption Presentations

During our close viewing, you have sat in your “film element” groups. I have encouraged you to note things down when we have discussed them together.

Your task now is to create a set of notes about your element for the class. You will need to develop each aspect of your element (for example, the symbols group had multiple symbols- the library, water, the bible, the bars- and each of these needs to be explained and analyzed) to a level which allows your classmates to use these notes for their individual study.

My advice to you is to look at the exam questions and create a guideline for things that you need to cover. Remember, our overarching theme for this film is “freedom”. This is very broad and you need to think about making it into a more specific statement when you are writing about it e.g.

In addition to this set of notes, you will also be creating a lesson for the class. This is not a presentation but rather an hour that your group will spend teaching the class about the element you have studied. Your lesson needs to include two interactive tasks for your peers to complete. The rest is up to you. Think about ways to include video clips, discussions and other things that you find useful when learning about literature.  Your lesson will be one hour long.

There are a lot of people in each group and for this reason, I am giving you one week to put this all together. I am complete “hands off” for this and while I am happy to point you in the right direction, this is your time to take control of our classroom. Your lessons will be presented in week 5 and we will decide the order by random selection each day of that week. This way, everyone must be prepared each day.

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