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As per Tuesday’s lesson, you have three choices for the speaking assessment. Your draft is due next Friday and must be submitted on your blog (private or public).

Remember, the way you use language to get your point across is assessed in this standard. I would suggest that you check out the “10 Famous Speeches and what we can learn from them” article in the “help” post about speeches. I put this up last term. It shows you how to use language features effectively in a speech.


Option 1: Continue with the Perspectives speech task based on Guilt and Redemption.

Option 2: Do the Perspectives speech task but base it around a social issue.

Option 3: Present a speech on the topic of “Something that really annoys me…”


Content is assessed at level 2 for speaking- make sure the idea you run with can be developed enough for the assessment. A full outline of the task for option 3 will be coming to you at the start of week 2 this term.

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